New Year - New recruit!

Design Hutch is excited to announce our first recruit.  Dizzy Street will be working alongside the Design Hutch founder and Creative Director Owain, as a general assistant.  Dizzy is a Patterdale Cross and is roughly 3 years old.  She just moved to Banbury from Kenilworth (Dog's Trust) and is settling in nicely.  She says that Motion Design has always been an interest of hers and is excited to see how Owain puts together graphic animations - especially using shape layers and typography.  She is a bit of a layout purist and really knows her kerning and leading as much as her Trapcode Suite!  To be fair, she didn't say any of that...  But I'm sure that's what she's thinking!

Welcome to the team, Dizzy!

Animation job is back on!

Great to be picking up on an animation project that I started earlier in the year.  Client has now approved two more storyboards and the green light is on!  Should be around two more weeks work. I'll post some vision as and when I can - but it's all NDA at the moment...

Water Droplet Animation - tricky!

Tricky brief this one - but a lot of fun!  Trying to create a flowing 2D animation of a water droplet. Flowing from scene to scene and developing into shapes as it goes.  Hmmm - think I've cracked it after some head scratching!  Nice to be working for the guys and girls at 422.TV again.


What a relief to be moved into the new home for Design Hutch - Park Road, Banbury!  It's been a bit of a rollercoaster but Banbury as a location offers a lot.  The train links are great and the town centre is lovely.  The office space is still in progress, but it is shaping up nicely.  Perhaps a picture or two will make an appearance in my next blog post!

Back IN Manchester (for one week ONLY!)

Had a fun week last week back in Manchester, working for 422.TV.  It was good to see all my old colleagues and get involved in another big project with the team.  Plus I was staying with my mate Ian Radcliffe of - cheers for the slow cooked casserole Ian! Looks like I'll be back up in a week or two.  Alex / Hayley - let's get Taco Tuesday back up and running!

Corgi Idents

422.TV asked me to animate and composite two sequences for broadcast TV.  Featuring the loveable Corgi dog, these are playful, on brand idents, to be shown either side of the London Weekend Weather forecasts.  I used After Effects, Illustrator and Particular to bring these scenes to life. The original, static illustrations, were by the very talented Nicola Anderson with whom I have worked a couple of times now.

Superfast Fibre Speeds at last!

Here at the Design Hutch I am very happy to find that my long awaited Super Fast Fibre Broadband connection is now LIVE!  Test results show a healthy 71.29 Mbps download speed and an 18.51 Mbps upload speed.  Previously, my download speeds maxed out at just under 3Mbps! This means remote working just got a lot easier!

Cineworld Conference Sequence

Really pleased to work for Linney Group again.  This time they asked me to create a three minute motion graphics piece for playing at a Cineworld conference.  Luckily the brand guidelines has some nice typographic styles that I could manipulate into animated type.  Plus the images are all from high end movies, so the raw material was pretty good too!

Rotoscoping for Lime Pictures

Just finished using Imagineer Mocha to do some detailed rotoscoping for Lime Pictures. I can't say what the show is, unfortunately, as I have signed an NDA.  But when it is being broadcast I can probably post some more info about it.